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Allowing Jesus Christ In Our World.

Our goal at Jesus unhindered ministry is about revealing, unveiling, releasing, publishing, publicizing, communicating and imparting Jesus Christ to this generation and the world at Large.

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The undiluted Christ; the same yesterday today and forever. Scriptures says “If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32.


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Date: Saturday 24th april
Time : 10am

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Past Event

Gratitude in worship

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What People Say

I always thank God for such a Spirit-led ministry God has established through Pst.Victoria Orenze. Jesus Unhindered Ministry has been undoubtedly a great impact in my Christian Journey, after being born again, I faced many challenges, persecutions and moments of doubts almost every sphere of my life, I remember when I first listened to one of Pst.Victoria’s song (Covenant keeping God) whiles on my way to work, the lyrics from the ministration “You will never leave me, You said You won't Forsake me, You will walk beside me and that is all matters” stirred up my spirit and instantly gave me hope!
Aaron Adjetey Akrong
I testify to God's greatness through one of Pst. Victoria short (blood of Jesus chant). I slept off whilst playing (Shalom- God our peace), I noticed in my sleep, a being lay by me but wasn't sure who/what it was, suddenly I heard the music "we come by the blood of Jesus" play like I had the speaker in my ears, as it was loud and clear, moments I was humming it before I just released "blood of Jesus " loud from my sleep and the being out of fear got up from my side and whilst I wake from sleep I kept on saying blood of Jesus, then I knew that particular song was like it's for me. Hallelujah!
Jon Bakken
In December I had become so overwhelmed with my walk with God, for whatever reason that was unknown to me. As the days went by I could barely pray. In January, my aunt passed and it made the overwhelming feeling even worse. I still couldn’t pray but I had people covering me in prayers. However, it wasn’t enough. I still held on to God regardless of the overwhelming feeling. At the beginning of April, another of my aunt passed which made me wonder what was going on, at this point I was still very much overwhelmed,
Kika Ansah

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The undiluted Christ; the same yesterday today and forever. Scriptures says “If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32.

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